August 2018

August 2018
Volume 14, Issue 1

An innovative financing tool at your fingertips

By: Shawn Lawrence
The Canadian biotech landscape has been hit hard by one of the most severe market downturns in recent decades. Those that have survived have needed to turn to non-traditional mechanisms to raise additional funds and to be on the lookout for new methods to complement their financing strategies.

An action plan for innovation: Coalition for action on innovation releases its action plan for prosperity

Compiled by: Shawn Lawrence
There has been a lot of discussion lately about Canada’s track record for innovation and productivity. Most have heard by now about the Conference Board of Canada’s latest report which gave Canada a failing grade on innovation, placing us 14th among 17 peer countries in the OECD.

The potential of oncolytic Viruses: Are they the future of Cancer Therapy?

By: Douglas W. Loe, Ph.D, MBA
To combat this resistance, chemotherapy is now often used in combination with other treatments that have different mechanisms for attacking and killing cancer cells.

The best laid plans

By: Christopher Rogers
How OBIO™ is looking to overcome the past, change the course of the bioscience industry in Ontario and steer the ship out of the storm.

2018 Gairdner award celebrations filled with Ontario flavour

Compiled By: Shawn Lawrence
The 2018 Canada Gairdner Awards, considered among the most prestigious in biomedical science, took place in October culminating with the Gairdner Foundation Annual Awards Dinner at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto on October 28th.

Innovation takes leadership

By: Dr.K.Kellie Leitch
Health care in Canada has a huge impact on the economy. It is a sector of the economy, however, that does not embrace innovation and change the way other industries do.