Best toys for small children

Contrary to the popular belief, the sole purpose of toys is not providing your child with entertainment. Toys are extremely important and aid the child’s proper growth, both mental and physical. They help develop motor and cognitive skills. They also stimulate the child’s memory skills, creativity, and emotional development. A lot can be learned from simply playing with toys.

You might not be sure whether buying your child another toy is a good thing, after all, they already have so many. But in most cases, there is no danger in providing your child with another toy, especially if it’s something they haven’t seen nor used before. Here we will introduce some toys that go beyond the usual building blocks and snuggly animals patterns.

Balance bike

A balance bike is something akin to an introductory bicycle, except that it has no pedals attached. Its purpose is to teach your child how to keep their balance before they sit in a real saddle. They have a low frame, meaning the child is able to keep their feet on the ground and the danger of falling is minimized. They are also very lightweight. Nowadays, they are the preferred method of teaching your child how to ride a bike and have overtaken the training wheels.

Balance bikes come in different sizes and can be used by children as small as 3 years old. You need to know your child’s exact height to know what size balance bike to use. Check out the best balance bike according to Lille Nord here to find out which one will be perfect for your child.

3D Printing Pen

This tool can hardly be called a toy because it is so advanced. There are many 3D Pens available on the market and most of them are marketed towards adults who specialize in design. However, there are some 3D Printing Pens made with child-safe materials that provide your child with a creative outlet.

3D Pens are used to draw anywhere in three dimensions. They are filled with plastic that goes through a heated nozzle, leaving a line of melted plastic rather than ink behind it. The plastic then cools and sets into the desired shape. The child can conjure any shape they want seemingly out of thin air. If you decide to buy a 3D Pen for your child, pay close attention to the minimum age requirements.


A toy straight from the child’s favorite movie is sure to boost their imagination and social skills. A good lightsaber imitation toy will allow your child to reenact epic battles from the famous franchise. You can find a lightsaber in any color that appeared in the movies to help your child best identify with their beloved character. Some even have switchable colors, like a blue and red lightsaber that represents Anakin’s hesitation about whether to join the Dark Side. Most models produce realistic sounds when turned on, and some even contain one-liners from the movies. To find the most suitable one, read this best lightsaber list.

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